Community of Practice: Webinars


The science and practice of biodiversity offsets is still emerging and evolving.  While the diversity of BBOP’s Advisory Group means we have a rich mix of skills and perspectives to share on offsets, we also feel we have a lot to learn from practitioners who are not typically involved in BBOP discussions.

To encourage sharing of information and active learning within the Community of Practice, BBOP hosts occaisional webinars of interest to Community of Practice participants. 

Presentations and recordings of past webinars:


  •  Guidelines on Business and KBAs: Managing Risk to Biodiversity, 14 June 2018. 

            Webinar recording 

            Presentations by Andrew Plumptre and Giulia Carbone 

  • ASN Bank - Towards a Net Positive Impact on Biodiversity, 8 June 2018. 

            Webinar recording 

            Presentation by Wijnand Broer, CREM and Mark Goedkoop, PRé Sustainability

  • Large scale biodiversity offsetting - lessons learned from the Bothnia line project in Sweden, 14 March 2018. 

            Webinar recording 

            Presentation by Åsa Granberg, Enetjӓrn Natur


  • Biodiversity Net Gain and Corporate Natural Capital Accounting , 11 October 2017. 

            Webinar recording 

            Presentation by Kerry ten Kate, Ian Dickie, Julia Baker and Adams Koshy

  •  Exploring the adoption of biodiversity net gain in the UK , 6 September 2017. 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Laura Homfray and Tom Butterworth

  • Northstowe, Cambridge: Biodiversity Offsetting Case Study
    6 July 2017. 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Louise Martland and Neil Harwood

  • Good Practice Principles for Biodiversity Net Gain -Developing Practical Guidance in the UK
    15 June 2017. 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Julia Baker and Kerry ten Kate

  • Bureaucratic Slippage and Environmental Offset Policies: The Case of Wetland Management in Alberta,
    7 June 2017. 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Shari Clare

  • Developing and Implementing a Biodiversity Offset Strategy; an example from Queensland Australia,
    18 May 2017. 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Alan Key

  • O Projecto COMBO - COnservação, Mitigação de impactos e contrabalanços de BiOdiversidade em África, 13 April 2017. 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Hugo Costa


  • Loi française de reconquête de la biodiversité, de la nature et des paysages (2016): Nouveautés sur la séquence ERC, 29 March 2017. 

           Webinar recording 

           Présentation par Ophélie Darses et Fabien Quétier


  • Opening the Doors: East West Rail’s Approach to Biodiversity Net Positive, 23 March 2017.  Presentation by Lucie Anderton – Head of Sustainability and Environment, The East West Rail Alliance and Julia Baker – Biodiversity Technical Specialist, Balfour Beatty.  

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Lucie Anderton and Julia Baker


  • The COMBO Project - Conservation, Impact Mitigation and Biodiversity Offsets in Africa , 15 March 2017

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Hugo Rainey and Kerry ten Kate

           For more information on the COMBO Project:


  • Net Gain: A bottom-up approach in Warwickshire, Coventry & Solihull UK23 February 2017

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by David Lowe


  • KBA Guiding Principles and Recommendations for Responsible Business Operations17 February 2017

           Webinar recording 

           Presentations by Nigel Dudley and Giulia Carbone


  • BIOFIN and BBOP Finance solutions Webinar: Are biodiversity offsets an option for BIOFIN Finance Plans?  16 November 2016

           Webinar recording 


  • France's new biodiversity law and implications for no net loss of biodiveristy,  12 October 2016

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Ophélie Darses and Fabien Quétier


  • Biodiversity accounting & compensation: Implementation in the UK,  28 September 2016

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by David Hill and Louise Martland


  • Confronting threats to marine ecosystems through the use of biodiversity offsets18 August 2016

            Presentation by Nicole Shumway


  • Avoid, minimize, and compensate: Pitfalls of the common decision sequence to protect wetlands,  3 August 2016

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Dr. Shari Clare


  • Infrastructure linéaire de transport & Zéro perte nette de biodiversitéLe regard d’Eiffage,  17 June 2016

           Enregistrement webinaire

           Presentation by Joachim Lémeri


  • Eiffage’s take on No Net Loss: the Application to linear infrastructure,  16 June 2016

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Rebecca Briot


  • Biodiversity offsetting in Sweden: New guidelines and future policy,  8 June 2016

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Jörgen Sundin


  •   Defra report: Lessons learned from biodiversity offsetting markets,  26 May 2016

           Webinar recording 



  •   Compensación Equivalente de biodiversidad: conceptos y lineamientos básicos, 18 May 2016

           Webinar recording 



  • Biodiversity Offsets in Chile: from goals to reality, 15 January 2016 

           Webinar recording 



  • The Next Generation of Mitigation: Principles and New Policies for Achieving Sustainable Development, 14 December 2015 

           Webinar recording 



  • Network Rail Infrastructure Projects’ application of the mitigation hierarchy, 17 November 2015 

           Webinar recording 



  • The Impact of Biodiversity Offsets on Protected Areas 30 July 2015 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Leon Bennun


  • The Cross Sector Biodiversity Initiative, 18 May 2015 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Dr. Mark Johnston


  • Biodiversity Offsetting Practice – Western Sydney, Australia,  8 April 2015 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Tom Grosskopf and Derek Steller


  • National Biodiversity Offset Scheme for Liberia’s Mining Sector,  27 March 2015 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Sally Johnson and Kirsten Hund


  • The Ambatovy Project: Biodiversity Offsetting and Net Gain in Madagascar,   10 December 2014 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Andrew Cooke


  • Some are more equal than others: different biodiversity offset methodologies applied to one case study,    4 December 2014 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Joe W. Bull


  • WWF - Pasto Mocoa Road, Colombia  20 October 2014 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Sofía Rincón


  • Integrating site and supply chain level - Experiences from the Netherlands 28 May 2014 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Bianca Nijhof, ARCADIS; Jolanda van Schaick, CREM; and Steven de Bie, De Gemeynt


  • Thameslink Programme - Delivering Network Rail's first net positive biodiversity offset

    22 May 2014 

           Webinar recording

Presentation by Julia Baker, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Amelia Woodley, Network Rail


  • Gradsect Theory and Practice in Biodiversity Assessment 27 March 2014 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Dr. Andy Gillison


  • Biodiversity Offsetting at the Coast: Lessons from England 13 February 2014 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Jan Brooke


  • Setting appropriate baselines 30 January 2014 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Dr. Martine Maron


  • Germany's Impact Mitigation Regulation   8 November 2013

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Marita Böttcher           


  •  Defra's Green Paper on Biodiversity Offsetting in England  24 October 2013 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by John Kilner


  • Australia's EPBC Environmental Offset Policy and Offsets Assessment Guide  19 September 2013 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by James Trezise


  •  Biodiversity Offsetting in New Zealand  6 August 2013 

           Webinar recording 

           Presentation by Astrid van Meeuwen-Dijkgraaf, Wildland Consultants Limited


  • New South Wales Offset Metrics for Biodiversity Assessment  25 July 2013 

           Webinar recording (Please note: the introduction and first minute of presentation by Tom Grosskopf was cut off) 

           Presentation by Tom Grosskopf and John Seidel      


  • Limits to Biodiversity Offsets  18 July 2013 

           Webinar recording         Presentation by Amrei von Hase       Presentation by Jeff Manuel

  • Forecasting NPI at Rio Tinto QMM  May 2013 

           Webinar recording         Presentation by Jon Ekstrom        Link to full report


  • Marine Biodiversity Offsetting – UK Scoping Study; April 2013 

           Webinar recording         Presentation by Ian Dickie        Link to full report


  • Potential demand and supply of habitat banking in the EU; March 2013 

           Webinar recording                        Presentation by Mavourneen Conway


  • The IAIA Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Symposium; Feb 2013                             

           Webinar recording             Presentation by Courtney Lowrance            Proceedings of the symposium


  • Biodiversity Offsets and the credit market in the State of Victoria, Australia; December 2012

           Webinar recording   Presentation by Michael Crowe


  • Biodiversity Offsets and 'No Net Loss' of Biodiversity and India; September 2012

           Webinar recording   Presentation by Kerry ten Kate      Presentation by Divya Narain



  • Overview of the revised IFC Performance Standard 6 and initial experiences Presentation; July 2012

           Presentation by Lori Conzo


We will identify opportunities to host invited presentations from both within and outside the BBOP membership.  Topics can include:

  • lessons learned from offset practitioners and assessors
  • technical considerations, tools, and approaches around issues such as no net loss/net gain, approaches to equivalence, and limits to what can be offset
  • financial institutions and multilateral agencies perspectives on biodiversity offsets as a risk management tool
  • emerging national policy frameworks for biodiversity offsets


Please feel to suggest topics related to the mitigation hierarchy, biodiversity offsets, compensation and landscape-level planning on which you would like a webinar or workshop to be run, by sending your suggestions to  If the topic attracts support, we will do our best to run a session on that subject and keep you informed. This offer is open to any organization or individual, and is not limited to BBOP members.