Our Work: Community of Practice

BBOP is not alone in developing approaches to biodiversity offsets and No Net Loss.  A growing number of organizations and individuals around the world are working on best practice approaches to the mitigation hierarchy, including biodiversity offsets, and many are not members of the BBOP Advisory Group. 

BBOP has therefore initiated a “Community of Practice” to establish a network between the various actors working in this space.  The purpose of the Community of Practice is to share practical experiences, skills and lessons learned amongst a broad network of professionals.  Participants will be able to hear about others’ work, share their own experiences, source expertise, benefit from training and capacity building, generate feedback on methods and approaches (including the BBOP Standard) and build awareness and demand for project outcomes that deliver no net loss of biodiversity.

BBOP is building, coordinating and facilitating this Community of Practice.  Activities include:

(a)    Hosting conferences, workshops, discussion groups, and webinars where participants can meet, share experiences and learn on a broad range of topics related to the application of the mitigation hierarchy and planning for no net loss or a net gain of biodiversity.

(b)    Planning and running training courses to build the capacity of companies, banks, governments, representatives from civil society and their respective consultants to commission, design and implement the mitigation hierarchy, including biodiversity offsets, in line with best practice.

(c)     Outreach and communications on the BBOP Principles, Standard and related materials.

If you are interested in joining the Community of Practice send an email to bbop@forest-trends.org.