Who we are: Executive Committee

The BBOP Executive Committee

A seven member Executive Committee elected from the broader Advisory Group guides BBOP's strategic decision making process.

Role and function: The BBOP Advisory Group has established an Executive Committee (ExComm) as a small body representing the various groups that comprise the Advisory Group with the purpose of making decisions needed to run the program on behalf of the full Advisory Group.  ExComm members are elected by the Advisory Group.

Composition: The ExComm comprises the following seven members, representing the different groups present on the Advisory Group:

  1. Business – Companies with a footprint on biodiversity for which they may need a biodiversity offset. Will include at least one large company – 2 representatives 
  2. Civil society (including at least one environmental organization and may also include a development or indigenous peoples’ / community organization) – 2 representatives
  3. Financial institutions – 1 representative
  4. Government and intergovernmental organizations – 1 representative
  5. Secretariat –   1 representative


ExComm representatives from February 2015 – February 2016:


  • Sophie le Pennec Director, Environment Group, ERAMET (ExComm Chairwoman)
  • Jessica Nordin Environmental Expert, Sveaskog

Civil Society:

  • Preston Hardison – Natural Resource Policy Analyst; Tulalip Tribes
  • Elizabeth Clarke Business and Biodiversity Programme Manager, Zoological Society of London

Financial Institutions:

  • Ernani Pilla Natural Resources Senior Specialist, Environmental Safeguards, Inter-American Development Bank


  • Steve Edwards Programme Manager, IUCN


  • Michael Jenkins – President, Forest Trends