Community of Practice: Discussion Group

BBOP established this No Net Loss Discussion Group on the networking site LinkedIn for professionals working on net loss or a net positive impact on biodiversity.  The purpose of the group is to enable more interactive and robust discussions on topics related to the mitigation hierarchy including biodiversity offsets, and the challenge of achieving no net loss or a net gain of biodiversity for development projects. 

This site is maintained by the BBOP Secretariat for BBOP's Community of Practice participants, but discussion group participants do not need to be a BBOP member to join.  Participants may post relevant questions or use the group to share news items such as publications, policy developments, events and job opportunities, and to discuss challenges and lessons learned pertaining to the application of the mitigation hierarchy (avoid, minimize, restore, offset) and design and implementation of biodiversity offsets.  If there is sufficient interest on particular technical topics or in-depth discussions amongst a subset of group members, these discussions can migrate to a subgroup on the site and BBOP can set up webinars on specific subjects of interest to participants.

To learn more about the group and request to join click here.