Community of Practice

BBOP's Community of Practice provides a network and forum for the growing number of organizations and individuals working on various aspects of the mitigation hierarchy, including biodiversity offsets. The purpose of this Community of Practice is to enable anyone - whether a BBOP member or not - to share practical experiences, skills and lessons learned.

Participants will be able to hear about others’ work, share their own experiences, source expertise, benefit from training and capacity building, generate feedback on methods and approaches (including the Standard on Biodiversity Offsets) and build awareness and demand for project outcomes that deliver no net loss of biodiversity.

Please see the dedicated page on webinars and recent newsletters for information on training opportunities, events, publications and news on biodiversity offsets and approaches to no net loss of biodiversity.  In addition, BBOP manages this LinkedIn No Net Loss Discussion Group to enable more interactive and robust discussions on topics related to the mitigation hierarchy including biodiversity offsets, and the challenge of achieving no net loss or a net gain of biodiversity for development projects.  It is open to all with an interest in improving project outcomes that deliver no net loss or a net positive impact on biodiversity.

If you're interested in participating in the Community of Practice, please let us know by sending an email to:  Everyone is welcome.