Why Attend?

Come to the conference to contribute experience, to learn from others, and to help shape policy and best practice.  Among other issues, the discussions will cover:

  • Best practice examples of mitigation measures including biodiversity offsets
  • Voluntary versus regulated offsets
  • The place of offsets in the mitigation hierarchy
  • Landscape level planning of mitigation measures
  • Metrics, ‘like for like or better’ ecological equivalence rules and geographical service areas
  • The basis for costing and budgeting offset activities
  • Recent developments in practice and policy in the EU, Latin America, Australasia and other regions
  • Linkages between biodiversity, carbon and watershed markets
  • Download the Agenda

Who will attend?

  • Companies: Heads of Health, Safety and Environment; CSR Directors; Sustainability managers
  • Impact assessment practitioners and consultants
  • Members of Financial institutions – commercial banks; development finance institutions; private equity and venture capital firms
  • Policy makers:  regulators of EIA and offsets; civil servants developing policy on NNL/ NG; administrators of NNL/NG systems; planning authorities; representatives of government agencies
  • Intergovernmental organizations:  United Nations, World Bank Group, European Union
  • Scientists and biodiversity experts from NGOs, universities, research institutes and consultancies who can contribute their advice and experience and who prepare the baseline data upon which NNL/NG planning is based
  • Representatives from civil society, such as representatives of organizations working with local communities and indigenous peoples